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The Wonders Of the Leica Q

Posted by Thanh Mai on

It's easy to understand why photographers turn to Leica. Simply put, they're beautifully designed, highly durable and capture superb images. The new Leica Q—a powerful, compact digital camera with a 24MP full frame sensor—lives up to the promise. The Q is set apart from other cameras in its class by the pairing of a prime f/1.7 28mm Summilux lens and a uniquely tailored CMOS sensor. With a sleek design, and true made-in-Germany production (only the top-end Leicas are actually built in Wetzler), it's a worthy device for professionals and hobbyists alike.

People don't often think of compact cameras in the high performance sector. But on the features front, the Leica Q delivers. The sensor captures high quality, low noise images even at ultra-high ISO levels and the super fast lens also contributes to reliable use in low light situations. Regarding the lens, 28mm is equivalent to what you're getting with a smart phone (regarding field of view), so framing is intuitive for those who might not be familiar with the jargon. It's wide angle with a wide aperture, ultimately letting lots of light in. The lens includes both focus and aperture rings for those who want full manual control; they have a feel that's similar to the pro-level Leica M range. And to be clear—it's the only lens and it does not zoom. This is a compact camera for purists.


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