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June's Computer Based Intelligent Oven

Posted by Thanh Mai on

A space-saving countertop oven with a built-in camera for quicker, stress free dinners

Ovens can be scary. Fire hazards aside, their large size, time investment and oftentimes unreliable results can be intimidating to amateur cooks, which is why many seek escape in the form of take-out. Tackling the inefficiency of a kitchen appliance that hasn't seen much innovation in decades is June: a new intelligent countertop oven about the size of a microwave that promises to be the beginning of a much-needed kitchen revolution.

The collective CVs from the June team are impressive: CEO Matt Van Horn was the co-founder of Zimride (now Lyft) and CTO Nikhil Bhogal is one of the inventors behind many of Apple's camera patents. The two June co-founders met while working at Path and both dreamed of bringing their experience working in mobile to something more tangible, in the physical space. "We'd find, late at night, that we would start to get really hungry; we would spend so much time together at our places," Van Horn told. "And so we found ourselves cooking simple meals, and more elaborate meals, and looking around at the kitchen, there were a few things that bothered us."

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