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Greenland 2012: Chasing the Light - Zaria Forman

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Zaria Forman had her formal training at Skidmore college. Since her graduation, she has haven many exhibition in galleries and venues throughout the US and different continents. The inspiration for her drawing began in her early chidhood when she traveled with her family. She had the chance to travel to some of the most remote landscapes of the world. One of which, is magnificent landscape of Greenland. It was also the subject of her mother's fine art photography. 

Check out her Instagram for more amazing works.  

Greenland 2012: Chasing the Light

 "In August 2012, I led an Arctic expedition up the North West coast of Greenland. Called "Chasing the Light", it was the second expedition the mission of which was to create art inspired by this dramatic geography. The first, in 1869, was led by the American painter William Bradford. My mother, Rena Bass Forman, had conceived the idea for the voyage, but did not live to see it through. During the months of her illness her dedication to the expedition never wavered and I promised to carry out her final journey.

These drawings were inspired by this trip. Documenting climate change, the work addresses the concept of saying goodbye on scales both global and personal. In Greenland, I scattered my mother’s ashes amidst the melting ice.

 I am deeply grateful for the team of talented artists and scholars and the Wanderbird captains and crew for helping me carry out my mother's wishes and realize her dream."

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