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Limited Edition March Caps

Posted by Thanh Mai on

180$ for a cap, that is an insane amount of money to spend for a cap, I would say. However, after reading the story of Barclay Douglass, a founder of March Caps, we could accept that fact for a bit, at least acceptable for this love of caps.

Douglas says his childhood passions for caps inspired his brand, March Caps. He remembers how a cap's logo would create a bond, a group image among friends in his childhood time. It is the same with us, Vietnamese, we defined the type of cap based on the fact of the bending of the cap's font mount.

"I've always been obsessed with caps and loved how they say something about not just your personal style, but your interests, your loyalties, where you’re from... Even in New York, kids will stop me on the street when they spot my New England Patriots hat because they know we have something in common," he says. 


Founded in September last year, March Caps has just introduced its first collection. With five designs, made in an edition of 150, the caps are classic six-panel baseball-style, but boast bright, minimal and design-forward motifs in fairly non-traditional color ways.



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