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Words Of Mouth - Vienna, Austria.

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Vienna has a rich history, but also a contemporary side complete with modern restaurants and interesting street art.  Vienna is indeed the heart of Europe. It’s a mix of history and modernism, and an eclectic melting pot of different cultures and personalities. But it’s also a city full of charm and nature. It has a soothing vibe to it. That’s probably why it’s constantly recognized for its high quality of life. It’s a city where you stay centered and aware.

How is Viennese people? 

Vienna’s people are probably not the friendliest or most open-minded in Europe, but they have a charming nature. You might need a little time to get Viennese people to warm up to you but once you get to know them, you’ll discover they’re very kind and welcoming.

Describe a perfect day in Vienna: In Vienna you start your day with a Viennese coffee and a semmel (roll) with homemade jam. As Vienna is a very walk-able city, strolling around the quiet streets and parks (Augarten is my favorite) is a relaxing way to kick off the day. For anyone fancying a little more to eat for breakfast, go toDie Au at Augarten and enjoy the brunch on the weekends. They serve the best bread you’ve ever had in your life. After that I’d recommend a visit to some of our contemporary art galleries and museums. For lunch, check out my favorite vegetarian restaurant in Vienna called Tian. In the afternoon I would suggest renting a Citybike to explore the Donaukanal neighborhood. After a dinner at Motto, you should check out a club like the Pratersauna.


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